Student’s Testimonials

Check out what our students and/or their parents had to say about John O’Keefe Music Lessons!

John O’Keefe is an outstanding professional performer, studio engineer and music educator. I have personally studied keyboard with John and have made recordings in his studio. He is always patient, upbeat and positive. What most impresses me is that besides his skill and love for music is that he deeply cares about each of students. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an advanced pupil, John will assist you in playing at a new level. I highly recommend John O’Keefe for piano instruction and
the musical services he provides in his state-of-the-art music studio.      

Jeffrey M. Dire, Ph.D.

John works great with kids, My kids started lesson with him when they were 7 & 9, and 2 years after they are still John’s student. Learning new music and techniques. He is patient and knows how to communicate well with children. Every year students will have their chance to showcase what they learn through Recitals. Its fun and im very proud to see my kids progress in their lessons.

Donna P.

Dear Mr. O’Keefe,

Thank You for teaching and inspiring me for the past 12 years. Thank you for allowing me to explore my musical interests, teaching me how to play and connect with various genres. You have shaped me as a musician and as an individual and for that, I will always be grateful.

Love, Aniliza May

“Definitely learned a lot from John. He pushes me just enough to improve without making me feel discouraged. I enjoy classical music, and John has tailored my lessons to include more classical than other types of music. He has been good about the times of my lesson, allowing me time to get home before I have to come to class. Overall, he’s a very good teacher and I feel I’ve made a lot of improvement since switching to him.”

Reece Rapier

“I’ve sat in with John while he gave lessons to my grandson, and I was very impressed at his methods of engaging the student. He has a varied background which allows him latitude in teaching the student music that appeals to the student. He has lots of patience, and seems to be always in a positive, upbeat mood when dealing with the students. The prices for the lessons are reasonable, and he teaches close to our home, which makes it convenient. I think my grandson has had a very comfortable, enjoyable learning experience with the piano due to John!”


“John O’Keefe’s piano program is fresh and engaging. As a parent, it was such a joy to find this program because two previous programs failed to interest my daughter. The students have options and access to music they like. The lessons emphasize technical training mixed with familiar tunes and, my daughter’s favorite, the option to use digital accompaniment. We enjoy hearing the full sounds and the ear training that comes in the process. Mr. O’Keefe’s program concentrates on how the music resonates with each student. As aresult, the piano recitals are pure entertainment for all – a wonderful blend of music – from pop, to jazz, classical, rock ‘n roll and new age – which not only showcases the piano’s versatility in any music genre, but also the unique artistic expression of every student. Mr. O’Keefe’s gentle encouragement mixed with appropriate expectations instills confidence. I don’t drag my daughter to a piano lesson – she is very comfortable and relaxed with Mr. O’Keefe’s approach and is not discouraged by mistakes along the way.” I highly recommend John O’Keefe’s piano program to any parent who wants making beautiful music a joy.

Judy Erhart

“At John O’Keefe Music Studio my daughter thoroughly enjoys learning to play the piano. The comforts of an in home studio make for a relaxing setting which eased my daughter into her first music lessons. Throughout her three and a half years here she has transpired into a young pianist that truly enjoys playing music. The studios up-to-date equipment has benefited my daughter in many ways. She has gained valuable knowledge through computerized equipment that accompanies her in learning music and special techniques for her piano lessons. John O’Keefe, my daughter’s piano instructor, has taught my daughter many great skills and continues to do so with his vast knowledge and expertise in computers and electronics. John is an admirable instructor. John O’Keefe is patient yet firm in his teachings. He works with my child on an individual basis making sure the lesson he is teaching is understood before continuing. John’s suggestions for struggling areas in the lessons have always prevailed. Clear understanding is most important for self-gratification which builds my daughters confidence. Her level of confidence is most evident when she is performing at piano recitals. John has taught my daughter to take pride in her hard work. John O’Keefe Music Studio has been and continues to be an excellent learning experience for my daughter. The knowledge my daughter has gained through John’s teachings is just the beginning of valuable lessons in her life. Thanks to John’s dedication in teaching, my daughter has learned to truly love music and the piano.”

Maureen Vondrasek

“As an adult beginner, John has taught me more in a year and a half than I ever thought I could learn. It is great fun to look back and see my progression. He focuses my attention on the 2 or 3 things each week that will most dramatically improve my playing. He is very encouraging and provides the right balance of explanation and demonstration as needed. I like the variety of music that he recommends for me, while still emphasizing the type of music that I enjoy the most. His individual customization of lessons makes learning the piano fun and something that I look forward to each week. I so appreciate that he enable’s me to do something that I have wanted to do all my life and finally have an opportunity to do!”

Nancy Karasek

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