Sacred Heart Church

John and Sue O’Keefe are the Music Director’s for Sacred Heart Church in Palos Hills, IL.

John & Sue O'Keefe, Sacred Heart Easter 2021

John and Sue have worked together as Music Directors since 1998 starting out at Our Lady of the Snows Parish in the Garfield Ridge area of Chicago.  Then in September of 2000 they moved to St. Symphorosa Parish in Chicago spending 18 years there before moving on to Sacred Heart Church in Palos Hills in November of 2018.

They work together planning the music for all the weekend liturgies and important events such as Christmas, Easter, Confirmation, and First Holy Communion to name a few.  John and Sue, the Choir, Cantors and now a newly formed group of young adult’s called “Voices of Praise” provide the music at weekend masses as well as for special events. Music is also provided by the Guitar Ensemble which has been a part of music program at Sacred Heart for many years. Also, a new Children’s Choir is in formation. Most recently the church celebrated its 150th Anniversary, part of the celebration was 5 different musical groups performed a mini concert before the mass was celebrated by Cardinal Blasé Cupich.



John O’Keefe Sacred Heart Church


Like all churches there are many Weddings and Funerals that keep all involved very busy.  Mass Schedule is the anticipated mass on Saturday’s at 4:30pm.  Sunday masses are at 8:00am and 10:00am in English, and 12:00pm in Polish every week.

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150th Anniversary Concert
150th Anniversary Mass