Piano Lessons Why Take Piano Lessons

Why Take Piano Lessons?

girl piano 2Challenged to set goals

When taking Piano Lessons, students can be Challenged to set goals and given the tools to evaluate progress and meet those goals on their own. Studies have shown this benefits both children and adults. For children they do better in school and for adults it keeps the mind going, even people over 65. What we are talking about here is Brain Power. Studies show that studying music strengthens right and left brain pathways, leading to higher special reasoning, concentration, memory and adaptability.

Self Esteem

Self esteem, students will have a sense of achievement and confidence. You can have a lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music with studying piano and will expose you to many different types of music from classical, jazz, blues, popular, contemporary Christian, and more!

Hand-eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination, Piano study involves visual, kinesthetic, and aural awareness. Eyes, ears, and body all work in sync. This works with the Fine Motor Skills. Piano students have spent much time developing the many small muscles in their hands and developing control over each part of each finger. Piano lessons look great on many resumes and applications, even to medical schools.

Perform and make you feel good

For most people, taking piano lessons won’t turn into a career for you and won’t make you rich and famous. However it will give you the opportunity to perform at times, like on stage in a recital or at home in front of your friends and family. The applause and adulation you’ll get from your friends and loved ones after a piano performance can make you feel good and in turn for making them feel good.

Just for fun

How about Just for fun… Just for yourself, this is something that can be personal, it can relax you after a hard day at work, a break from TV or today’s technology of social media in computers, and smart phones. Music brings us all enjoyment, but making music yourself can bring you countless hours of enjoyment for the rest of your life.